Pacifiers And Baby Teeth: What You Need To Know

Pacifiers And Baby Teeth: What You Need To Know

Pacifiers And Baby Teeth: What You Need To Know

Curious about the relationship between pacifiers and baby teeth? We've got you covered. In this blog we'll share what you need to know about how to use pacifiers and protect your baby's teeth, and when it is good to wean your baby off of a pacifier. 

Pacifiers And Baby Teeth: What You Need To Know

Naturally, many parents worry about their babies getting pacifier teeth. When used improperly, pacifiers may cause alignment issues with the teeth and jaws. When used correctly, pacifiers are a wonderful tool for helping your baby self-soothe and feel a sense of security to be able to fall asleep. 

Thankfully, it's perfectly safe to use pacifiers AND prevent damage to the teeth and jaws. 

The most important thing to know is when it's time to give up the pacifier. It's possible to use pacifiers and carefully wean your child off of the habit when it's the right time.

Pacifiers And Baby Teeth: When To Take The Pacifier Away

plush pacifiers and baby teeth

Pacifiers are a great tool for parents to use for infants up until a certain age. Knowing when to take away the pacifier is vital to protecting your child's dental health. While there is no magic age of when to take the pacifier away, many children naturally give up the pacifier between ages two to four. 

After about age one, sucking isn't as important for soothing, and the teeth begin to grow in. Up until age one, sucking is a normal soothing response, and parents shouldn't worry about pacifier use. 

Between ages two to four, if your child isn't naturally letting go of the pacifier, it may be best to break the habit at this point. 

Pacifier use past age four or five is when you risk dental problems occurring in your children. 

If you are concerned, be sure to consult your doctor or dentist about best practices when using a pacifier with your children. 

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