Say Hello To Our New Texas Mascot Pacifiers

Say Hello To Our New Texas Mascot Pacifiers

Say Hello To Our New Texas Mascot Pacifiers

To our friends in the Lone Star State, we're thrilled to welcome our new plush Texas mascot pacifiers. Say hello to Hook 'Em, Raider Red, and SuperFrog!

Whether you are an alum hoping to raise your little one as a fan, or you are looking for the perfect gift to give to your sports-loving friend, these Texas mascot pacifiers are the most adorable plush characters. With a detachable pacifier, Gamezies can be used as both a pacifier and a clip-on for golf bags, luggage, or backpacks. 

Let's introduce our new mascots to the Gamezies fan club. 

University of Texas - Hook 'Em

Hook 'Em Horns! This Hook 'Em Gamezie is the perfect tailgating accessory for the youngest fans on game day. 

A little over 100 years ago in 1916, Bevo made his first appearnce in a UT football game as Longhorns said 'see ya!' to rivals Texas A&M after a landslide UT win. After the game, University of Texas students sang, "His name is Bevo. Long may he reign!" In 1977, the school decided they also needed a costume mascot to make it easier to travel to away games. This is when Hook 'Em was born. 

Texas fans are known for their unwavering school pride and their statement burnt orange!

Texas Tech University - Raider Red

Texas Tech Raider Red is here! 

Prior to the 1971 season, the Southwest Conference passed a rule that prevented members of the conference from bringing animals to away games. Jim Gaspard, a member of the Saddle Tramps, created Raider Red from a drawing by the late Lubbock cartoonist Dirk West as an alternative to the Masked Rider. 

Raider Red's student persona is kept a secret from the Tech community. Raider Red fires his two 12-gauge shotguns using powder-filled shells after every Tech touchdown and field goal. 

Texas Christian University - SuperFrog

TCU Horned Frog is here!

The 'Go Frogs' hand sign originated from cheerleader Chad Schrotel '82. He helped the gesture of unity catch on with crowds in 1980. It's like a peace sign with slightly curled fingers, symbolizing the horns of the tiny, mighty mascot, the horned frog. 

TCU has featured costumed mascots on the sidelines of football games since the 1930s. SuperFrog, created in 1979, had to evolve a bit before being names a Top 25 College Mascot by Sports Illustrated. 

Students rub the nose of the pointy horned frog statue between Sadler and Reed halls for extra luck. 

Go Frogs!