Why You Should Choose A Silicone Pacifier

Why You Should Choose A Silicone Pacifier

Why You Should Choose A Silicone Pacifier

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When it comes to pacifiers, we know you have many options. What matters most is your baby's safety and experience. While silicone nipples are most common, not all pacifiers are made with this material. In this guide, we'll explore why you should choose a silicone pacifier, and why silicone nipples are the safest and best choice for your baby. 

Why You Should Choose A Silicone Pacifier

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First and foremost, the material used for the nipple part of the pacifier should be safe to use and comfortable for your little one. While we can't help but gush over how cute Gamezies mascots are, the nipple is truly the most important part of your baby's pacifier—as it resembles the mother's breast. 

When you first introduce a pacifier to your baby, the nipple material can make your baby love it or reject it completely. It's important to get it right on the first try. That's why choosing a material that closely resembles the feel of a mother's breast is crucial. 

Silicone nipples are the most common because they feel similar to a mother's beast and will give your baby the most natural experience. 

Pacifiers with a silicone nipple are extremely easy to manage and clean. You can easily put the silicone pacifier in the dishwasher and clean it with little to no effort. 

Silicone vs. Latex

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Another material commonly used is latex. Despite the possibility of your child having a latex allergy, there are other reasons to forgo latex. Latex is not as durable or long-lasting as silicone pacifiers. Unlike a silicone pacifier, you cannot put latex in the dishwasher, so they are more intensive to clean. If you do choose a latex pacifier, be sure to have your baby allergy tested for latex beforehand.

About Gamezies Silicone Pacifiers

Designed thoughtfully and with safety top of mind, every Gamezies plush mascot is CPSIA safety standard tested and BPA free. The detachable pacifier is made with medical-grade, latex-free silicone. All of our pacifiers are ASTM tested to ensure durability and strength. 

Cleaning Your Silicone Pacifier

We know you're busy, so we've made our products easy to clean.

Our plush toys can be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle in a linen bag. Use low tumble or air dry for best results.

Wash the silicone pacifier with warm water and soap. 

Learn more about Gamezies pacifiers, or visit our safety page for more information. 

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